Sobi adheres to the ABPI and IPHA Codes of Practice in the UK and Ireland, and is committed to transparency by making public all funding and support by Sobi and healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient organisations in the UK & Ireland.

Sobi has made the following payments, sponsorships and donations:


Payments made in 2015

Payments to patient organisations


Cambridge Rare Disease Network (Donation)


CLIMB National Information Centre for Metabolic Disease (Meeting sponsorship)£1,000
Genetic Alliance UK (Conference sponsorship and Patient support project)


Leeds Teaching Hospital Charitable Fund (Meeting sponsorship)
The British Dupuytrens Society (Corporate sponsorship)£31,600
The Haemophilia Society (Patient support survey, corporate sponsorship and young people's project) £90,650
Arthritis Ireland (Patient support project)


Irish Haemophilia Society Ltd (Meeting sponsorship)




Reference: NP-0698
Date of Preparation: 30th March 2015